Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition

If you are pregnant or thinking of trying for a baby, it is important to consider your nutrition.

Unfortunately there are so many people who struggle to conceive, for different reasons. If it is due to physiological issues such as blocked fallopion tubes, lifestyle changes including diet won’t influence those issues unfortunately. 

However it’s still important for both potential parents to consider their lifestyle choices including diet while trying to conceive, as the health of both partners can impact the ability to conceive as well as the future health of the baby. A good, general healthy lifestyle and diet maybe sufficient for conceiving, but it isn’t just about conceiving!

Lifestyle choices will always impact your health and your body, whether in a positive or negative way. This is not new, so of course it’s going to affect the ability of conceiving in the same way. For example smoking can cause cell damage and increase free radicals in the body which cause damage to cells, DNA etc. Diet can help, by including foods that have antioxidants in them that can reduce the free radicals and can help to protect cells including sperm. However of course quitting smoking is great all round!

Did you know that there is different advice for men and women? There are obviously different cells produced by each partner  that are important and play different roles in conception and foetal growth, so it would make sense that the advice would be different. Many people don’t realise that what a man eats today can affect his sperm for the next 90 days?? Amazing! Another example is that excessive fat stores will impact men and women differently, in men it can affect the testicular physiology but in women it can affect ovulation. Seeing a dietitian to give personalised support and advice can help.

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