Diabetes Nutrition

Diabetes is a lifelong condition where diet plays a role. It is where your blood sugars run too high.

This is because the food that we eat breaks down and is absorbed as glucose, this is a vital fuel for the body. This enters the blood stream and is taken up by the cells using a hormone called insulin. In diabetes insulin is either not produced (Type 1) or doesn’t work properly (Type 2), therefore your blood sugars remain high. Your body does not like this and if it remains high can cause complications in your body and may affect your heart, kidneys, sight, feet and be a risk factor for other diseases.


What you eat directly affects your blood sugars and a healthy, balanced diet can help your diabetes and each individual differently. There is also so many misleading and confusing food facts out there for diabetes. 

Are you confused on what you can and can’t eat? Are you fed up of being told you have to have a ‘diabetic diet or foods’? Are there foods that you are longing to eat but feel you can’t? Then we can help you. We can help you to understand the difference between fact and fiction and how to enjoy food while helping to maintain your blood sugar levels.

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