About Esca Nutrition

I am a mother, wife, daughter & sister as well as a Registered Dietitian. I am passionate about food, health and optimising people’s nutrition.

I have been working in the NHS for many years and continue to do so part time, however I wanted to get involved with my local community and particularly the mothering community in my area.

Since having my little one I have had such great support form the local mothers and groups and felt I could get involved? So I thought let’s do this! I can provide a service to help support my local community, which is why I really started to focus on fertility, preconception and pregnancy as I felt this area was particularly lacking in this type of support (and they agreed!).

Unfortunately through the NHS there are so many people that can not access a dietitian, despite maybe benefiting from seeing one, that I hope to be able to at least support or help some of these people either through direct contact or through my posts, blogs, articles etc. I think often the types of people that work in the NHS do to help vulnerable people, but not all the people who could benefit or require our skills are referred to us or our services aren’t funded for them unfortunately.

So Esca Nutrition & Dietetics was born at the beginning of 2018! You might laugh at how I came up with the name, as I was utilising a 3am feeding session and thinking about my business, it came to me. Latin is still used and influences our language and so I thought why not. Esca is Latin for ‘a dish prepared for the table’ – I really liked this and felt it was a homely feel to food, taking me away from the clinical side of dietetics in the NHS.

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