Esca Nutrition and Dietetics

Esca Nutrition and Dietetics aims to provide up to date, evidence based information to help you optimise your nutrition and health.

Unfortunately there is so much contradictory and misleading information out there and so often it isn’t evidence based. We like to try and give bite sized, relevant, practical, information to help people optimise their nutrition and health. We cover all areas of nutrition and dietetics, including fertility and pregnancy, diabetes (Type 1, 2 & gestational), weight management and cardiovascular disease, to name but a few.

To help explain why nutrition is so important, you must remember that what you eat, your body needs and uses in all of its processes from its day to day running, to growth and healing, to even growing a baby! We all know food fuels our body, giving us the energy to get on with our life, but it also provides the molecules that are used in the reactions happening in our body all day everyday. So a good diet isn’t just about making you ‘healthier’ to help with living your life to its fullest capacity or to help with conception and pregnancy but is vital to provide all of the components that are used in the processes as well.

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1-2-1 Consultations

Our 1-2-1 consultations will offer you personalised advice, whether you're hoping to get fitter and healthier or need some dietary advice relating to a health condition.

Group Sessions

Our group nutrition sessions can examine specific conditions or issues, such as pregnancy and fertility nutrition. Suitable for groups of 6-15 at work or home.

We provide one to one consultations, visiting people in their own home and providing them with personalised advice, considering all aspects of their life and health to try and support them to be able to improve their nutrition, particularly if they have a condition that can be supported or improved with particular dietary needs.  We also run group sessions covering a range of topics or can design one to fit your specific needs, wants, client group.

We also have a Facebook page and Instagram account where we post top tips, regularly bust myths, meal ideas as well as just some fun food (or other interesting) facts! Come check them out and see some of the live videos on topics such as hydration, diabetes and many more.